David Dawson

The Third Light

World première: 12 January 2010
Royal Ballet of Flanders Vlaamse Opera, Antwerp, Belgium

Choreography, Concept and Staging David Dawson
Music Gavin Bryars
Set Design John Otto
Costume Design Yumiko Takeshima
Light Design Bert Dalhuysen
Assistant to the Choreographer Christiane Marchant

Much acclaimed THE THIRD LIGHT was created especially for the 40th Anniversary of the Royal Ballet of Flanders. The meanings of Light became David Dawson’s inspiration for the creation.

Light is the source of illumination. We live in the light. We need it for all development and growth. It describes what that the sun produces, which stimulates eyesight and makes things become visible. We go out into, out and into, and out of light. It absorbs and it is absorbing. It is positive and optimistic. To see the light of the day describes being born. It represents something that is about to start. To begin. You can describe it as hope, love or purity. It can be the expression in someone’s eyes indicating a particular emotion or mood. It can be nothingness or emptiness. Hot or cold. It can be the expression in someone’s eyes indicating a particular emotion or mood.

Light creates space by becoming an area that is brighter or paler than its surroundings. Light is a window, or the space for a window. It can be spiritual or mental illumination or the understanding of a problem or a mystery. It is enlightenment. It can be facts or pieces of information, ideas or concepts. We shed, throw, or cast light but it is also a word used to find something by chance and it is used to describe a point of view. Light can be a flame or something used to create fire. To light or ignite, kindle, light up, light someone’s fire, highlight. It can be intimate or revealing, extinguished, put out, and quenched. We light, or go out like a light, or even simply have light.

The score for his new ballet was a specially written piece by the celebrated contemporary British composer Gavin Bryars.

Raphaël Coumes-Marquet, Esteban Berlanga - Faun(e) - Dutch National Ballet - photo © Costin RaduEugenie Skilnand, Silas Henriksen - dancingmadlybackwards - The Norwegian National Ballet - photo © Costin Radu